2004   The fiber work GmbH is founded.

2005   Completion of a new industrial building in the Industrial Park Zeesen (close to Berlin)
            Beginning of the carbon spars manufacturing

            Putting into operation a new CNC-milling machine


2006   Delivery of the first carbon spar

            Completion of a CNC-mold for spars with a maximal length of 14m

            Construction of two Epoxy curing ovens

2007   Starting of the development of automated production lines for composite components and materials

            Delivery of the first OK-Dinghy spars
            First requests for full scale production of composite materials

2008   More than 50 spars, booms and pole are build since the foundation of the fiber work GmbH

            Planning of a CNC-mold for spars with a length of 25m

2009   Putting into operation the automated production line for endless fiber reinforced     thermoplastic composite materials called TPone

            Completion of the mold for carbon spars with a length of 25m
            Construction of a second and third factory building in order to increase production            


2010   Putting into operation an automated winding machine